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Short Quiz on Parallel Structure




Parallel Structure


Example Parallels


Parallelism Quiz


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Correct the following sections by fixing the parallel errors:


A. Objective


In this experiment we will:

  1. Introduce basic controls of an oscilloscope.
  2. Measure an image using a function generator
  3. The accuracy of the oscilloscope will be tested.

B. Objective:

In an experiment on robot arms, we will:


  1. Modify a program to perform a cubic-spline interpolation, and graph it.
  2. Run a second interpolation beginning with the end point of the first arm path.
  3. Then we’ll make a second graph analyzing the three points where the arm stops.


 C. Procedure


  1. Dissolve two dyes, Dil and ODRB, in methanol solution and mixed with glycerol.
  2. Then we dilute dyes with methanol to a ratio of 1:2 glycerol to methanol.
  3. Capture dyes in an electrodynamic trap.
  4. Irradiate dyes to measure topography of molecular emissions.


D. Procedure


  1. Type the resistance data into Excel
  2. Enter the mean, median, mode, min, max and standard deviation
  3. Histogram of the data
  4. Check on the cumulative percentage and chart output


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